Save the island

Although it may be hard to believe, the city has plans to build apartments for 5000-7000 residents on this island along with two giant bridges and a tramline running through it. If the plans go ahead, most of the island’s natural richness will be destroyed, despite claims to the contrary. This is year is crucial in terms of decision making. There is plenty of background information in Finnish, which can be found via

But what can you do to help? We have listed some suggestions in order of the time they take.

  1. Sign the petition (First Name, Last Name, Where you live, Country, Email address)
  2. Go and ‘like’ the Save Vartiosaari facebook page.
  3. Write an email to the members and deputy members of the Helsinki City Board telling them how you feel about the plans (you can cut and paste the email addresses from the link). Do this before midsummer.
  4. Write an email to members and deputy members of the Helsinki City Council who will be making the final decision after the Helsinki City Board.
  5. Come and visit and experience the island for yourself (and while you’re there, take some nice pictures and post them on Instagram. #visitvartiosaari, #savevartiosaari)
  6. Encourage your friends, families and complete strangers to visit and experience the island.
  7. Hang out on the island and get involved! Over the summer a number of events and concerts are being organised as well as work camps or ‘talkoot’ to repair the nature path, for example, or to develop other services for visitors.  We could use help in all its forms, from graphic design to carpentry to bat expertise to organising skills. The island’s pop-up summer cafe (the cutest in Helsinki) also needs volunteers. Please email: for more information. Or check the Visit Vartiosaari facebook page.